How to Use Our KN95 Masks

CDC guidelines for use and re-use of KN95 non-medical masks.

  • Recommended to be used for 8 hours (continuously or in total intermittently).
  • Clean hands with soap and water and/or alcohol before and after wearing or adjusting mask.
  • Avoid touching the inside of the mask. If there is contact, we recommend you dispose of it.
  • Aerosol generated gasses and products affect the efficiency of the mask. If they have been in contact with these, discard please!
  • Frequent cleaning of your mask will cause it to deteriorate and will affect its performance. If you notice deterioration of your mask, it should go!
  • Thoroughly inspect your mask after each wear and clean. Pay special attention to how the mask is fitting, the effectiveness of the fit directly affects performance.
  • And never share your mask!