How to Use Our Silk Masks

D’AIRE guidelines on use and re-use of our luxurious silk fashion mask: 

  • This mask can be worn with and without the filter, but for better fit we recommend to use a filter at all times.
  • Clean hands with soap and water and/or alcohol before and after wearing or adjusting the mask. Avoid touching the inside of the mask. If possible, keep contact to the mask with hands to a minimum.
  • Change the filter after 8hrs of use and note that aerosol generated gasses and products affect the efficiency of the filter. If the filter has been in contact with these, discard please!

  • Pay special attention to how the mask is fitting, the effectiveness of the fit directly affects the mask's performance.

  • And never share your mask!

This mask has been tested to be durable up to and beyond 20 wash cycles.